Surface Measure: Threshold Device
24th March - 20th August 2023

The Ian Potter Center: NGV, Australia Fed Square

Curator: Maggie Finch for 'Slippery Images' and commissioned by NGV for Melbourne Now 2023 and site specific L3 intrafilament space.

Pictured: Installation views (chromogenic and silver gelatin photographs, metal custom armatures, magnets, wood, paint and vinyl)

Photo credit: Christian Capurro

…”One of the most successful of those sub-themes is Slippery Images, which explores that ‘messy zone’ between familiar and unfamiliarity, and challenges photography as a straightforward representation of the world around us. From cutting and collaging, to painting over and piercing through, weaving, suspending and sculptural – photography has a physicality in Melbourne Now that is refreshing.” … Gina Farley for Arts Hub Mar23